Depoorable Rhetoric

“Depoorable Rhetoric”

with Sigourney Frazier and Merone Abraham Tuesday every form 10am-11am est. Depoorable Rhetoric is an online radio show that highlights main events, news and politics that happen in the US and around the world. Merone and Sigourney bring an amusing banter to every show while educating people on current events.

Sigourney Frazier Bio:
Sigourney Frazier is a social worker living in Baltimore County. She also works as a studio manager of Tictocmind Studios and is one half of Depoorable Rhetoric, an online radio show at WSTB Radio. She’s a lover of photography, politics and her cat Milo.
While working on Depoorable Rhetoric with her cohost, Sigourney helps to bring a funny, opinionated view on world politics and events. Rhetoric plus facts is what this show is all about!
Merone Abraham Bio:
Merone Abraham is part Owner/Director of Operations of Positive Steps LLC Mental Health Clinic in Baltimore City and a proud Eritrean who is one half of DePoorable Rhetoric on She’s The B.O.S.S Radio.
DePoorable Rhetoric is a show that tackles local as well as world news and politics. The show is funny as well as informative with no alternative facts allowed.

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