Monday Night’s On The Couch

“Monday Nights on the Couch” with LaKita & Dr. Kennesha every Monday from 7pm-8pm est. 
Get comfortable on the couch as we take a deep dive into Holistic Health and Wellness.

• Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach

• Reiki Practitioner

• Laughter Yoga Leader

• Group Fitness Instructor

• Cannabis Health and Wellness Coach  

Dr. Kennesha’s Bio:

Dr. Kennesha Bracely, aka your UNlimit Yourself Coach, helps women of color shift from a limited state to an UNlimited state of being after experiencing sudden or traumatic life transitions using the Live Long Lifestyle tools: travel, laughter, holistic health and wellness, medicinal earth medicine, and the arts.

The Live Long lifestyle is an expression of resiliency, liberation, and healthy living that has been inspired by her son Dante’ Long who transitioned from the physical realm at the age of 19.

Experiencing such a sudden life transition has taught her valuable lessons on this human journey about how to rise from the ashes, heal heartbreak and experience a Live Long lifestyle. She is here to share this knowledge as a guide, accountability partner, and hype woman while you work to mend the cracks in your heart and navigate this new way of living.

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