Text Club

Would you like to connect with She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio?

Text messaging is an increasingly popular method of communication, and not just for individuals. Text messaging can be a great way to reach out to all of our Affiliates, Partners Listeners. But because we know how much of a headache it can be to get spam and pointless messages, we will never just send out any old text, group text revealing your phone number to a list or random strangers or even allowing other businesses to have your information for marketing.
Instead of bugging you with every new product or changes that our station is going through, you will only see things that are valuable to you, like breaking news, free tickets, prizes, and special invitations to private events, discounts or special offers. You will receive no more than 3 text messages per month, standard text message and data rates may apply.
Text:55469 Msg: STBRN

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