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Welcome to our Virtual Lounge!

Please read and acknowledge that you understand the chat rules :

Chat Features are a privilege and not a right , by proceeding, you must READ and follow the rules listed: All terms of service rules apply in this chat room. Respect the  Host or DJs (chat mods), and their words and the decisions that they make. Offensive, rude and unwanted behavior may cause you to get banned from this chat room (under any user name). For behavior issues, if someone is offending you, please consult an The Host or DJ, these are the people with the STB letters by their name, you may double click on their name to private message them. If none of them are in chat, send a message to help/support using the messages feature. Also try and get the chat log Your name will be kept confidential in all behavior reports. The following Topics are forbidden in VHR Chat. :
Alcohol, Religion, Politics, Sex, Drugs, Violence, (ie. Murder, Threats of actual violence), PCs (pasting of private chats or related), and other Chat rooms and content therein. Posting of web sites which are not Directly Horse Related is prohibited. (personally owned sites are permitted as long as they are appropriate and do not advertise other commercial websites.) Posting my space and You tube links will result in a ban since these sites contain material not appropriate for all ages. Caps, colors, spamming, flooding, repeating, excessive nick changes,excessive and annoying scripts, rudeness, name calling, excessive punctuation and rude or disruptive comments/actions will not be tolerated. Arguing in chat will not be tolerated, all parties involved will be band.

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