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Advertising with She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio is a very effective way to reach a wide range of entrepreneurs, clients and consumers.  With a local, statewide and international span, our network extends to a vast and diversified audience.

Advertising your product, business, services or event on our radio network, increases your marketing audience to great horizons. Our network with She’s The B.O.S.S. Enterprises, our expanding lineup, as well as our vast  broadcasting shows and our increasing spectrum of listeners are the necessary tools to culminate your promotional needs.

Advertising your product, business, services or event on our website is a beneficial tool for your marketing needs. Our partnerships with various businesses and our strong involvement within the communities attract a continual and expanding website activity.

She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio strives to provide a strong and resourceful advertising network to build and enhance all your marketing needs.

Sponsorship and underwriting opportunities, please contact our Multimedia Account Reps.

 To join our online and/or radio advertising network, please contact:

To partner with our expanding network, please contact:


Advertising with Us

Group Email Blast

  • Includes one message (provided by you) in one of our group email blasts to over 10,000 professionals and business owners (includes one email blast per day)

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Radio Spot

  • Includes one live announcement during all shows for one selected day (you provide the message to announce on the radio)

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Flyer Distribution

  • Includes distribution of your flyers at one selected event and/or (optional) your business t-shirt for us to wear (you provide the flyers)

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Blog Advertising

  • Includes up to 2 articles with one picture per article, with your video links and/or company’s website link


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Product Review or Service on our Network

  • Includes (1)radio discussion of your product/business for 15 minutes (information provided by you), or (2)one picture and your message on our website for 7 days, or (3)video and website links on our website for 7 days

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Individual Email Blast with Only Your Brand (no other advertisers)

  • Includes one message (provided by you) in an independent email blast promoting only your company to over 10,000 professionals and business owners (includes one email blast per day, for three days)

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* Rates are in effect until further notice. She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio management reserves the right to withdraw advertising packages without prior notice.

* Your topic selection must be agreed upon at time of advertising contract. She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio also reserves the right deny any topic that does not apply to the network’s mission.

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