Memphis Grizzlies are they foreal

May 18, 2013 STB SPORTS FACTOR with Mike B


The Memphis Grizzlies probably are the best all around team left in the playoffs but they don’t have a superstar player. The question I have to ask myself is can the Grizzlies win it all without a real go to guy when the times get tough in the 4th quarter? Mike Conley Jr. or Marc Gasol is the closes player they have to be that guy. Are the Grizzlies foreal or will they be footstool to the Spurs, will they have enough to knock the Spurs off their high horse? Mike Conley Jr. probably is the most underrated pg in the league but as we can see from these playoffs he means a lot to this Grizzlies team. My prediction for this series is the Grizzlies in Game 7 on the Spurs home court.








































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