Nurses Lounge

“Nurse’s Lounge” with with Charlene Harrod- Owuamana every Saturday 2pm-3pm est.
Where Nurses Call The Shot!

Inspiring vulnerable communities to participate in their healthcare. Giving information and resources on the “NURSE’S LOUNGE RADIO SHOW. To prepare them for there visits at their Primary Care Provider (PCP) visits.  Have experts available to answer their questions related to healthcare issues.

CNA – Certified Nursing Assistants
GNA – Geriatric Nursing Assistant
MT – Medication Tech
LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse
RN – Registered Nurse
NP/DNP – RN (Specialist)
and Other Auxiliary Professionals

Kids Corner “Nursz’s HIVE” – Once a month kids come on the show talk about various healthcare issues and school report/events.

Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Immunization Schedules
Diabetes- Type 1/Type 2
HTN – Hypertension
And other topics, just to name a few.

*The Nurse’s Lounge Radio Show only gives out information – the show does not give medical advice; to obtain medical advice please see your Primary Care Physician (PCP) and/or Specialist for treatment.

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